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About Run For Jesus

I should congratulate all of you. This is by far the largest gathering I have seen in any run in Hyderabad. Because I had been to many runs not many people turn up. This really shows the spirit of organizers and all of you who are here. I truly congratulate all of you for that first of all. And secondly the run is very happily called RUN FOR JESUS.

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This is the time in the world we need Jesus more than any other time. Because it gives hope. It gives us hope that after a sad experience or after Good Friday, there is always a Easter Sunday. You know it gives us hope, hope of resurrection. Gives hope that bad phase will not continue for ever. That it will pass and Jesus will come back. So it could anything to do with our personal grief. It could be anything that to do with world grief. If we see continuously bad things happen all over the world. But what gives us the hope? It is the hope of resurrection. So I am very sure that good time will come into the world. It could be through Jesus and it could be by any form we believe.

But I am very happy to be here. Actually I am very much associated with the Christian community. Because I am educated in Stanley Girls High School. So I have been always be the part of prayer and I always love singing the hymns. And till date every year we are there for any Christmas celebrations in Methodist Church. Methodist School and Church is like a home for me. And so good to see you all in the morning.

Methodist School and Church is like a home for me. And so good to see you all in the morning. Please bless Telangana. It is going to be development base. So all of you please bless Telangana. And all of us together join our hands for Jesus and for happy Telangana. Jai Telangana - Mrs. Kavitha Garu

Features of Run For Jesus

Programme / Itinerary

We are excited to announce that God in His sovereign grace enabled and enriched RUN FOR JESUS.......

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Host RFJ

A Core Committee to be formed by involving influential and vibrant youth from all Churches in your area.......

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Run Info

With our hearts lifted up and our mouths filled with praise and with an attitude of thanksgiving.......

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Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    To proclaim the message of Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ to the country men through a unique evangelical and ecumenical roadshow involving enthusiastic members of all churches.

  • Mission

    Organize the Roadshow involving all the enthusiastic church members wherein every church group will take a procession from their respective churches and arrive at a common place to take out a unified Mega Rally conveying the Easter Message.

    Ultimate aim is to ensure that the message of Easter reverberates in thoroughfares of every street, town, city and country.

    Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Roadshow to be organized involving all the prominent citizens of the town/ city with vibrant live music and a short Easter message.

    Flags, Placards, Banners, Caps, T-shirts, etc. with a caption conveying the Easter message.

    Involving large number of church members will attract the Press and the Governments attention in understanding the Easter message and also addressing our community concerns.

    Success of the Roadshow depends on the united effort of all the churches together involving enthusiastic youth in a sportive way and a lively musical band.

    Unity, Youth, Music, Sport and Roadshow all together can make a good combination in achieving the said objective of spreading the Easter message.

    Let us dedicate the Holy Saturday as a day of outdoor evangelism and paint the town / city red with the blood of Jesus Christ.


We are inviting like minded organisations / companies to come forward to partner with us by sponsoring T-shirts and caps. We will ensure that the sponsors name is printed on the T-shirt and cap. Each of these T-shirts and caps will be distributed free of cost to the participants. We kindly request you to come forward to sponsor as many T-shirts and caps as possible and we are confident that our entire community will be indebted to you for partnering in such an eventful community cause.

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We build up the best education nvironment for themselves at most


We build up the best education nvironment for themselves at most


We build up the best education nvironment for themselves at most

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