Run For Jesus

About Us


RUN FOR JESUS (RFJ) is a brain child of Aradana TV.

Aradana TV is one of India's largest growing Telugu Christian Satellite TV channel based out of Hyderabad, Telangana. It reaches out to over 90% of Telugu Christian TV homes across the globe. Aradana TV is a house hold name amongst Telugu Christians worldwide. They also work on other in-house projects such as; Holy Land Tours, Aradana Matrimony (Christian matrimonial site), Study Abroad (Student consulting) and Village Adoption.

Paul Devapriyam Pulla,
Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Aradana TV.

Paul is a first generation entrepreneur. A strong visionary and an experienced management professional in the fields of International Trade, Marketing, Finance and Construction. A Management Graduate from Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, Paul was awarded the "Young Manager of the Year" in 1994 by "Hyderabad Management Association" in recognition for his all-round excellence in performance, leadership skills and contribution to the growth of his organisation.

Aradana TV works inclusively with all denominations from Protestants to Catholics and Partner's with the community leaders from all fields and levels.

Paul believes that strength comes from what you are driven by, and not balance sheets and bank accounts.

"Your life is just a means of delivering something to others before saying goodbye".

Usha Kiran Pulla,
Executive Director, Aradana TV.

Usha demonstrates sustained efficiency at all levels of Admin & Management matters. Her heart beats for the community in terms of faith and spiritual advancement. She is a board member of the GTCM (Global Telugu Christian Ministry) which facilitates oneness among the Christian community.

She has Masters degrees in Science, Education and Counselling. She is now actively supporting Paul in managing/promoting Aradana TV.

Aradana Team

The Aradana Team works day and night to ensure that the channel functions without any trouble. The employees at Aradana cultivate a family atmosphere at the work place. Here at Aradana, we make it point to provide you an uninterrupted service with the best of quality and the best of Gospel. Every event of ours is closely monitored by each one of our team members. In His service, we are passionately striving for the extension of His Kingdom.

With combined efforts from the above collaborators Run for Jesus has emerged as a pioneer in promoting multi-denominational Christian unity. Its largest media partner Aradana TV is the leading Christian channel predominantly in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and incredibly popular in all the regions of India as well. YMCA is a renowned International Organisation known for its focus on the body, mind and spirit, hence the three angles of their logo, the triangle. Aradana TV, YMCA, Catholic Church, Churches from various denominations, and several Christian Fellowships partner with the organisers in their respective cities/towns/mandals in ensuring that this event is a grand success.