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Run For Jesus Turned As Community Movement

The idea and concept of RUN FOR JESUS, A Unique Evangelical & Ecumenical Roadshow, is conceived and introduced by Aradana TV Team in the year 2011. Initially it was organized in 30+ locations but now RUN FOR JESUS has become a major annual Christian roadshow across AP, TS and parts of Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Over a period of time, it is observed that Churches, Christian leaders and community at large have started owning RFJ by voluntarily organizing the roadshow on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. Now this rally is being organized in over 350 locations.

Respective organizers have been instrumental in the growth of RFJ by not only mobilizing large gatherings and also investing huge amount, their time and effort. We appreciate and give credit to all such community leaders who have relentlessly worked towards laying a strong foundation for RFJ.

Considering the above it is not an exaggeration to mention that RFJ is not an initiative by any one individual nor any organization but it is now become a community event owned and organized by the respective RFJ Committees in different parts of the country

However Aradana TV continues to promote and coordinate this massive roadshow by limiting themselves by being a media partner.