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Guidelines to be followed by the Organizers
The following are the guidelines to be followed strictly in organizing RUN FOR JESUS Roadshow
  1. A Core Committee to be formed by involving influential and vibrant youth from all Churches in your area.
  2. All the Core Committee Members are expected to adopt the virtue of “Servant Leadership” in dealing with the members and leaders of other churches.
  3. Focus primarily on the main objective which is spreading the message of Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  4. As one of the key objective is to unite the Churches, organizers must take initiate to involve all churches, leaders in their areas.
  5. Freeze and announce the route of RFJ roadshow.
  6. Take all necessary permissions from local authorities.
  7. Display RUN FOR JESUS Flags, Banners and Placards describing the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  8. Identify the Volunteers and fully equip them for theRUN FOR JESUS Roadshow.
  9. As this program involves substantial expenditure, we encourage you to raise sponsors for Breakfast, T-shirts, Caps, Banners, Flags, Placards, and etc.
  10. Most importantly while taking the Rally, let us take abundant precautions not to hurt the sentiments of people of other faiths.