Run For Jesus


1. Reach out to Aradana TV to understand the event fully. Visit website and understand the concept clearly.

2. Form a core committee involving key Youth and Church leaders who can give their 100% time and effort in organising the event successfully

3. Finalize route map for the Run/Roadshow and the venue for the flag off and closing ceremony.

4. Request Police permission for venue & route

5. Promote the event in local churches, Christian organizations, local leaders in politics & community.

6. Local organizers can also request local leaders for sponsorship of merchandise/refreshments/posters.

7. Co-ordinate logistics of Merchandise & Advertising (flyers, posters, etc.)

8. Market the event through social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) Market through merchandise give aways, word of mouth, flyers, posters, flex ads, church announcements, youth involvement, etc.

9. Event must be organized on the Holy Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The impact of this event is the simultaneous presence of the Christian Community.

10. Run for Jesus is a multi-denominational event. Organizers must involve all denominations.

11. Event must be efficiently organized with the help of local authorities, first-aid/ambulance services, local youth and other volunteers.

12. To avoid any troubles, local authorities must be notified of every minute detail on paper. The paper must be signed and approved by designated official.

13. Call for a Press Meet at least 2 days before the event and ensure that both the electronic and print media covers the event. If possible have a Press coordinator and ensure that the press is properly take care of.

14. You can invite prominent Political official for flag off and closing ceremony.

15. It is imperative that no participant raises any kind or type of wrong slogan or indecent shouting which may hurt the sentiments of other religious people.

16. Uniting the youth of various churches through this program is of great importance as they are the heartbeat of our community.

17. Have a Praise and Worship session during the closing ceremony.

18. Look for a sponsor for providing breakfast /refreshments/snacks after the rally/run.

19. Marathon run Traffic Controllers are essential all along the route.

20. Once the event is completed, Aradana TV requests it organizers to send them images and videos of the event in their respective locations. This will help us telecast the success of the event in your location.

Aradana TV is excited to partner with new organizers who share our passion for spreading the good news through this exciting roadshow, Run for Jesus.